InterConnect Change Management

Ensuring that your people are ready, willing and able to accept and embrace new ways of working is key to the success of any technology project. Change management helps this happen.

Intergen/Empired understands this and offer InterConnect, our integrated Change Management service.

Interconnect is a full end-to-end Change Management service, delivering all aspects of Change Management from the development of a strategy, the creation of plans, through to the management and delivery of the change management activities. 

It supports projects of any size or scale (developmental, transitional or transformational) and can support any project management methodology.

The benefits

  • Scalable – it can be delivered to suit the size, complexity and methodology (waterfall, agile, lean or iterative) of your project
  • Easy to buy – because it can be integrated with your project there is no need to go to market for another vendor meaning less procurement and project management costs
  • Delivered by our consultants. These consultants may also fill another role on the project, because the consultant may wear multiple hats there is faster ramp up, less workshops and less overhead
  • Mitigate project risk. With and integrated approach and fewer vendors, risks can be identified and mitigated earlier and more efficiently
  • Develop in-house skills. InterConnect delivers training and support to your change managers and agents, giving them knowledge and skills that can be transferred to other projects.

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