Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management is a key technology that enables an organisation to realise core business benefits, specifically with regard to cost savings, management control, operational efficiency, security, compliance and business growth.

Identity and Access Management is a central asset in today’s enterprise landscape. It comprises processes and information technologies that are interrelated and mutually dependent on all business areas. If planned and implemented well, it ultimately helps to strengthen regulatory compliance, secure operations and improve operational agility.

An enterprise, regardless of scale, needs to manage access to information and applications which are scattered, quite often, across a number of internal and external systems.  Over time, enterprises must provide controlled access for an increasing number of identities.  Identities could be internal and/or external, and one individual can quite often be represented through multiple identities; the key is to ensure both security and data integrity are maintained.

Identity and Access Management fuses technology and process in a way that impacts both the productivity of an organisation and its bottom line. This gives an organisation three different ways to justify a strong Identity and Access Management strategy: one focuses on the cost of avoidance, while the others describe the benefit of this approach:

Cost of Non-Investment (CONI)

  • Failure to improve business facilitation and service levels
  • Inability to improve security through lifecycle management of joiners, movers and leavers
  • Regulatory non-compliance. Inflexible IT infrastructure that cannot adapt to changing user communities and behavior

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – benefit

  • Reduced operational costs through automation and streamlining of IT administration processes
  • Reduced lead time and cost of new application development

Return on Investment (ROI) – benefit

  • Improved productivity and user experience
  • Enables secure (online) business models
  • Improved ability to cope with organisational and business changes
  • Savings on per-user software licenses

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