Cohesion ECM Service

Helping public sector agencies communicate, collaborate and meet their records management requirements with a cloud-delivered enterprise content management service.

Cohesion, Empired’s Enterprise Content Management Service, has been designed to help organisations meet many of their information and records management needs, providing a secure, easy to use, enterprise grade service, accessible from almost anywhere.

Cohesion takes a step towards the future in its user enablement. The focus on individual, team and community use creates a rich user experience while compliance and records management processes are handled in the background. The burden of data organisation and classification is borne by the service instead of the user.

What is Cohesion?

Cohesion is a Microsoft-based enterprise document and records management solution, available to New Zealand government agencies as a standardised service. It provides public sector organisations with a powerful, collaboration-centric solution to manage information as a strategic asset, transforming the way people work.

Cohesion is designed as a catalogue-based service, drawing on Intergen’s many years of experience implementing enterprise solutions within the public sector.  This service comprises a core package with additional optional service extensions, providing the ability to configure the package that best suits your organisation.

With Cohesion, users have the ability to securely and easily create, find and access information on many devices, enabling them to work, collaborate and share from almost any location, whatever the time.  Cohesion has Microsoft SharePoint 2016 at its core, which is tightly integrated with RecordPoint to deliver best of breed content management and collaboration capabilities along with robust records management patterns and practices.

How do you get Cohesion?

We will follow a well-defined process for the identification and selection of required services using your key business drivers as our guide. First you review the Core Plan for its fit to your business and then configure the available options and extensions from the Service Catalogue so that the service best fits your particular information management needs.

The catalogue-centred approach eliminates the need for a lengthy requirements gathering phase and enables a workshop-based “gap-fit” process of configuring the service to the needs of your organisation.

We will then work closely in partnership and consultation with you to implement your ECMS solution.

The combination of our strong expertise and well defined process will  guide your organisation through the implementation project, and can work closely with you through your data migration, change management and user adoption needs.

Talk to us about how Cohesion can meet the enterprise content and records management needs of your organisation.

What benefits does Cohesion offer?

There are numerous benefits in subscribing to Cohesion as your enterprise content and records management platform, including:

Usability and ease of adoption

  • A familiar and compelling user interface and an intuitive user experience improves adoption rates and simplifies training requirements
  • A fully defined service and commercial engagement model

Value from your information assets

  • Users can find, access and create the latest information anywhere, at any time 
  • Productivity gains through easy access to and management of information and increased collaboration between people and teams 

Standards-based features, implementation and management

  • Simple to consume, with reduced internal overheads and constraints
  • Best practice records management helping your organisation manage its information and address its compliance requirements


  • Team focused, allowing your users to work together and share information inside and outside the organisation, increasing productivity and organisational responsiveness  

‘As a service’ cloud benefits

  • Security, performance, scalability – a robust managed service that delivers to as many or few users as needed 
  • Cost certainty – pay per user, per month, choosing options from a service catalogue and configuring these to meet your needs 
  • Faster benefits realisation – a well-defined, template-based catalogue of offerings removes the need for a lengthy requirements-gathering phase 
  • Technology currency – stay up to date with technology with an evergreen as-a-service model 

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