Data Insights

Business process optimisation

We work with you to create a strategy for streamlining business processes and systems to allow you to not only remain competitive in the market, but one step ahead of the competition. This allows for increased agility and the ability to focus attention on the specific areas of your organisation where the greatest benefit can be realised.

Internal and external auditing

By assessing your current investment and capability around data insight we will help you to align to the emerging trends and technologies by partnering with you to develop a strategy that is based on best practice and thought leadership. By having a structured and robust framework, you can be confident that you are investing in a leading and extensible solution to meet your future needs.

Performance management

By benchmarking your business internally against your strategic goals and externally against market expectations, or by examining existing business processes, you can make evidence-based decisions to identify and invest appropriately in areas that will see your business increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Predictive analytics

By being able to search for and understand patterns and relationships within and between datasets, we can start to understand trends and drivers and use these to dynamically predict future business outcomes and customer behaviour. We help you use predictive analytics to anticipate market activity and customer behaviours, or to proactively maintain hardware or services prior to breaching service level agreements.

Deep customer insight

By drawing together all elements of your interactions with your customers, and the services or products you offer them, a single, insightful, omni-channel view of your business’s impact in the market can be developed. This can be further increased by numerous external and increasingly available data feeds, including but not limited to social media, regional or global market conditions and other environmental influences, enabling you to be more relevant and agile in proactively meeting your customer needs.

Packaged solutions

Data insights strategy and roadmap

We enable an approach to realising your business objectives and goals through a series of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-constrained activities and investments.

Data insights Healthcheck

Allow experts to work alongside your business and IT teams to establish a baseline of the effectiveness of your current investment in Data Insights. We will then provide benchmarking against best practices and alignment to emerging trends, technologies and operational efficiencies.

BI4Dynamics Accelerator

Rapid Results: BI for Dynamics delivers a best of breed, Microsoft-based enterprise data insights framework, utilising the investment in your current Dynamics ERP solution. In addition to providing short-term benefits, this solution provides a foundation which can be enhanced and extended in the future, as your data insights requirements and objectives evolve.

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