Business Transformation, Electricity Provider

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution connects disparate business systems

About our Client

Our client is Western Australia's regional and remote electricity provider. They are a wholly State Government owned, commercially focused corporation that provides quality, safe and reliable power to more than 100,000 residents and 9,000 businesses, including major industry, across regional Western Australia. They are a unique energy utility as they are responsible for the generation, procurement, distribution and retailing of electricity supplies.

The situation

Our client became an independent from Western Power in 2006. Their IT systems however continued to be hosted on Western Power's infrastructure and resources. To complete the separation and to reduce costs associated with the legacy mainframe infrastructure, they established their own ERP, GIS and other systems through a business transformation project.

One of the key elements was asset management. As an electricity provider, our client has an extremely large asset base which must be carefully tracked for safety and compliance requirements. The introduction of new systems required best-practices to be followed ensuring that shared data changed in one system is replicated to all dependant systems in a reliable and timely manner. These products utilised many different protocols and information formats. Central to the requirement was transforming data to and from a Common Information Model (CIM) so that data consistency and semantic integrity was maintained when synchronising information across disparate systems provided by multiple vendors.

The solution

Empired were engaged to deliver an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution. This involved delivery of:

  • An ESB platform solution based on Red Hat’s SOA-P product fully integrated into their environment and leveraging their chosen infrastructure assets such as Oracle RDBMS
  • Message-level integration of multiple vendor applications such as Ventex Ellipse Optimise (ERP), GE Smallworld (GIS), mobile inspections, banking, customer financials etc
  • Design and implementation of integration paths between all relevant systems using industry best-practices & integration patterns
  • Fault-tolerant design to ensure no message-loss
  • Enterprise-level monitoring and alerting
  • A documented software development environment with supporting comprehensive tools and processes

The benefits

Our client’s disparate business systems are now connected and synchronised in real-time and there is reliable and timely movement of financial information. Empired facilitated the elimination of additional costs for external IT infrastructure and maintaining the legacy mainframe environment, as well as providing a platform that can be leveraged for future business integrations. Empired also enabled the removal of a number of time-consuming manual processes.

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