Saving time and managing budgets more effectively

About LGAQ

LGAQ 204 x 102Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) represents all 77 of Queensland’s local councils in dealings with other governments, unions, business and the community. LGAQ has been advising, supporting and representing local councils since 1896, helping them improve their operations and strengthen relationships with their communities. It is 100 per cent council-owned and offers a range of support services and solutions to elected members and council employees.

Need for better knowledge management and communication

LGAQ needed to find a way to better engage with local councils while maintaining an accurate record of interactions and topics of discussion. The organisation also needed to keep an accessible and comprehensive archive of information related to issues or projects to make it faster and easier to provide advice to councils.

Greg Hallam, LGAQ CEO said, “Previously LGAQ found it impossible to adequately track member interactions due to a CRM system with limited functionality. It was also difficult to access information because the existing document management solution was too complex and cumbersome for staff to use. LGAQ need to give mobile and office-bound employees access to a CRM system that tracks LGAQ’s engagement with members. We need to maintain a fast, searchable archive of topic-related information, accessible to employees regardless of their location.”

"Empired have worked very closely with us to deliver a solution that enhances the two Microsoft products. Their partnership based approach and enthusiasm to troubleshoot innovative solutions has been refreshing."

Jake Boyle
LGAQ Internal Business Manager

Native SharePoint functionality and CRM Online

Empired recommended LGAQ use SharePoint 2013 on its existing Telstra Private Cloud for its document management requirements, integrated with CRM 2013 Online, using Azure for authentication, identity and integration. Native SharePoint functionality gave LGAQ the records management capability it needed without having to deploy additional, unnecessary software just to meet compliance standards.

The solution lets LGAQ leverage up-to-date information to enable the delivery of a range of services, faster, to local councils. The resulting improved customer service and knowledge management delivers benefits to councils as well as the communities that are ultimately affected by the decisions councils make.

CRM Online captures details about organisations that LGAQ works with including suppliers, members, vendors, other government organisations, service providers, subject matter experts and more. It includes information about each contact’s role and previous interactions. Each Matter includes various documents and CRM Online entries that are linked together to provide a holistic view of the project including status, background information, recommendations, decisions made and outcomes.

Saving time and managing budgets more effectively

The new CRM solution saves time for LGAQ employees, eliminating the time previously spent searching for information. That time can now be spent proactively developing ideas to help councils deliver a better service to their constituents. It also saves time for councils that can now get the support they need, when they need it. The improved decision-making based on more comprehensive knowledge results in a better experience for communities.

Improved knowledge management delivers better relationships

LGAQ now has a searchable and highly-available document management system that lets staff find the information they need instantly. This is of massive benefit in providing daily support to members across various Matters, since LGAQ staff no longer need to have vast amounts of information in their heads or in their email inboxes. It has made the daily workflow much faster and more efficient, resulting in a better quality of service to members.

Additionally, LGAQ needed more information to evaluate its relationship with members. The new system gives LGAQ a comprehensive view of members and their interactions, so it can manage those relationships more proactively. It also lets them offer solutions to key issues faster and in a more structured way, leading to better results for members and their constituents.

"When scanning the market for service providers, we quickly found that there were a limited number of providers capable of delivering an integrated CRM and EDRMS solution. Empired provided an innovative solution that matched our business requirements."

Jake Boyle
LGAQ Internal Business Manager

Jake continued: “The obvious benefit of this solution is the ability to access information quickly and from anywhere, using any device. Now, frontline staff have information as they need it at their fingertips. Staff members travel around the State, so using the cloud is necessary for reliable remote access to information. This enhances employees’ ability to engage with members and be proactive rather than reactive."

“Also, the solution is strategically important because it lets us understand our relationships and trends within relationships, identify hot topics and commonalities between members, and therefore be more proactive in how we service our members’ needs. We can deal with issues before they become problems”.

“The Empired solution has also improved the speed with which we can develop strong relationships with members. If an employee is meeting a member for the first time, they have detailed background information available straight away so they can start with a warm relationship rather than a cold one. They can access the information without help from anyone else and the information they retrieve is correct in real time. This saves a lot of time and makes the workflow much easier."

“It is about enhancing the way we do things which means we will achieve incremental efficiencies across a range of activities. It will enable significant efficiencies purely in terms of the time and effort spent in the office to access and share information. Because we can share information and collaborate more efficiently, there will be flowon benefits that are hard to quantify but are incredibly valuable nonetheless. And the familiar Microsoft environment means rapid uptake of the solution by staff, which was also vital to the success of the project.”

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