Golding Contractors

Golding Contractors

Golding Contractors needed to overcome inefficiencies incurred by using manual processes. Empired helped implement a business process automation solution.

Golding delivers safe, flexible, and cost-effective project solutions in urban, regional, and remote locations for the resources, utilities, property, and transport sectors. The company began in 1942 as a logging business in Gladstone, Queensland. It now offers capabilities in Eastern Australia.

Slow, manual processes create inefficiencies

Golding’s workforce operates 24 hours, is geographically dispersed, has differences in physical access to IT services, possesses different levels of IT proficiency, and has varying degrees of willingness to engage with IT infrastructure and services. Consequently, the company had many business processes reliant on manual, paper-based activities. The data entered on these paper forms was then re-entered into one or more additional systems as required, creating potential for errors, as well as wasting time and resources.

Because of this approach, Golding found it difficult to gain sufficient process transparency, suffered from poor data quality and inefficiencies through double-handling.

Golding needed to gain better control over processes, improve workflow design, and increase efficiency. This required a business process automation solution.

The business chose a combination of technologies to solve its issues. It worked with Empired to implement K2, Microsoft SharePoint 2016, and SQL Server to create an overarching business process automation (BPA) solution.

Faster, more accurate processes

By automating workflows using K2, Golding gained vastly improved control over business processes and was able to gather and analyse data to help the business make better decisions.

Eliminating manual processes dramatically reduced the time it took to complete each workflow while also increasing transparency into project status and progression. In addition, Golding was able to reduce approval steps in some processes without relinquishing control, which added even more efficiency.

Empired built a leave request workflow that includes every aspect of applying for and approving all types of employee leave. The user interface is simple and intuitive, overcoming many employees’ inherent reluctance to engage with technology and has reduced user errors.

Golding has now processed over 2,100 leave applications using this workflow. They estimate saving 10 minutes per application previously lost in print, sign, scan, send tasks. This is just “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of ROI they will receive from this solution.

Leave is now ‘under control’ across the organisation.

Empired also helped improve the onboarding process. The new automated workflow manages a range of different activities associated with onboarding, such as: recording personal, asset, and access details; recording whether an employment offer has been accepted or declined; completing induction checklists and staff induction experience surveys; and completing manager probationary reviews. When a prospective employee accepts an offer, the workflow uses their future start date to calculate when induction, survey, and probation tasks should commence, and initiates these automatically.

Working with Empired

At the beginning of the engagement, Empired was only required to build one solution for leave requests. Nine months later, Empired had built solutions for leave requests, onboarding, project initiation, and workflow and task dashboards. The team had also advised extensively on building a community investment register, conflicts of interest register, and gifts and entertainment register.

Furthermore, Empired had helped Golding upgrade its K2 implementation to the latest version, relocate its production database, and integrate K2 with SSRS.

Scott Caton, Golding’s General Manager of Business Systems, said, “When we went to adopt K2 we specifically looked at how we could support it. Empired had already been providing a range of services to Golding Contractors for for some time around our intranet, document management, SSRS and infrastructure. Because the team had strong existing K2 capabilities, it was an easy choice to engage Empired for this project.

“Working with Empired was easy. The team was proactive and provided valuable input as opposed to just actioning requests mindlessly. The team was collaborative. It was important to Golding Contractors to build standard workflows with common patterns and a consistent look and feel. Empired worked with the team to make design decisions that would make future development easier due to the work done upfront. We have now developed over 14 discrete workflows building on the initial work with Empired.”

“Now that Golding Contractors has a reasonable level of expertise in SharePoint and K2, we’ll look to do more with our current SharePoint platform in 2018. Empired was involved in previous incarnations and we will certainly consider working with the team again.”


Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful and versatile business platform for content management and collaboration, both inside and outside your organisation

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server brings breakthrough performance and faster insights delivered by a hybrid data platform


K2’s low-code process automation platform allows businesses to build and deploy automation across the business. With intuitive and powerful tools, businesses can rapidly deliver mission-critical applications as well as fast-changing, lightweight departmental processes, all with a single platform.

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