Empired’s Marine Rescue Queensland Office 365 solution saves lives on the high seas

4 June 2015

4 June 2015 - Empired has received widespread media exposure for its success in a full Office 365 migration for volunteer organisation Marine Rescue Queensland.

Marine Rescue Queensland (MRQ) is a volunteer organisation that provides a vital search and rescue service to the tens of thousands of boating public across the Sunshine State.

With a staff of three paid full-time employees and 1500 volunteers dispersed widely across the state, communication between MRQ squadrons was vital for sharing knowledge that could save lives.

In reality however, each MRQ branch worked autonomously with out-of-sync computers on different operating systems, meaning cross-squadron volunteer communication was a huge challenge and back up files were non-existent. MRQ needed connectivity, collaboration and communication, and fast.

In a project led by Dave Paylor, an Empired Brisbane consultant (and a MRQ volunteer!), Empired worked closely with MRQ and its volunteers to fully understand their operations and unique requirements, in order to migrate to a customised not-for-profit Office 365 solution.

Read more about Empired’s MRQ project and the subsequent game-changing results and successes at the Microsoft News Centre. Leading information technology and management news websites such as IT Wire, ZDNet, Technology Decisions and IDM have also reported on the project. Read the full articles by clicking on the corresponding website links above.


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