In the world of business, technology is ubiquitous, and our ability to harness its possibilities, aligning it to our business goals, is crucial to our success as organisations.

With technology as perhaps the most significant business-wide enable in our organisation today, the conversation has broadened to encompass an outcome-centric view, spanning many (or, arguably, all) roles across an organisation.

In addition to this, Microsoft business technologies themselves are becoming increasingly integrated, more seamless and easier to consume. As both business practitioners and personal consumers, we’re experiencing a paradigm shift in productivity and engagement, expecting more from technology than ever before.

This presents us with an exciting opportunity to leverage the full extent of our Microsoft technology platform for competitive advantage, increased productivity, connectivity and engagement.

Free to attend, Dynamics Day is the only event of its kind in Australasia, bringing together hundreds of business decision makers and technology leaders for a day of thought-provoking sessions, real world client stories, and business-focused technology updates looking at the Microsoft technology landscape and future direction, and what this means for your organisation.  

Details & Registration

03 May 2017 - 03 May 2017

8:00am -  1:00pm


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